What is an Executive Office Suite?

Executive Office Suites or Business Centers are perfect for those looking for a branch office, entrepreneurs looking to move out of the house, anyone looking to pay for ONLY what they need, when they need it, as well as companies who are not ready to spend significant capital to build out new space, or those that are not interested in a 3, 5 or 10 year lease commitment.

With a conventional lease (direct with a landlord), companies often will rent the reception space, hallways, bathrooms, conference rooms, training rooms, offices, etc., which can quickly add up to 2,500-10,000 square feet of real estate that they pay for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, along with all the required day to day operating costs, costs to furnish and maintain the space, receptionist and office managers salaries, benefits and overhead, etc.

In an Executive Office Suite or Business Center, companies have the flexibility of only paying for the executive office, and leveraging their costs down by sharing the areas listed above. Additionally, the space is beautifully built out and furnished – so there is no need to purchase reception desks, kitchen supplies, conference room tables and chairs, phone and Internet systems, copy machines, etc. Meridian also hires and trains the staff to run and maintain the full service business center, and its equipment, so that companies can focus on running their own businesses and save the costs associated with administrative and office management staff.

How do companies plan today for growth or downsizing? It is not easy to predict what tomorrow will bring to each business. The benefit of an executive suite in either situation is you only lease the office space you need TODAY. If growth occurs, companies can quickly and easily add more offices as they hire employees. If downsizing occurs, the short term leases provide a great benefit to companies in that they are not locked into space for several more years. In a conventional lease conventional lease, it is common for companies to have too much space they locked in to, or not enough space in a building that either has no space available, or the only available space is on a separate floor.

Meridian has over 10 years experience and has been a leader in the executive suite industry in Dallas/Ft. Worth and Houston. We’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies from all over the world as well as companies in our own backyard.

Below are examples of how companies have used our executive suites:

Headquartered in another U.S. city, companies often find they need a presence in Dallas, Ft. Worth and Houston for one to five employees. Rather than spending the capital to furnish and build-out space, or committing to a long term lease in a new market, these companies have reached out to Meridian to secure space quickly and affordably as they take time to determine if they can be successful in the new market.

Our executive suites also allow employees to office close to home, saving time and money on gas, and offering a more GREEN way of working in a hub and spoke setup.

Just getting your feet wet with a new business? The last thing start-up companies want to do is increase their risk. Many start-up companies come to Meridian for a 6 to 24 month lease for a cost-effective office space solution while they begin a new venture.

Have a business that would benefit from a presence in several U.S. cities? We have several clients that will office in our locations, but utilize our other property’s addresses and local telephone numbers to create a presence in several markets. Utilizing Meridian’s Virtual Office options allows a presence in any major U.S. city, without the cost of taking on office space.

We at Meridian look forward to helping you in any of the above ways and saving you money in every scenario!


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